Year in Review

Because of you, the PTA at Arcola was able to support educational and curriculum needs, as well as build an inclusive school community for all families. Your PTA dues and donations directly supported the following events:

2022-2023 Dates Event

September New after school programs kicking off

September 30 Teacher/Staff Appreciation

October 28 Fun Run Fundraiser

November 30 Seasonal Roots 2nd Grade Dietician Presentation 

December 9 Teacher/Staff Appreciation

December 9 True2Hue Paint Your Own Pottery Fundraiser

December 9 Healthy Snack Fund Donation

January 25 Chipotle Night Fundraiser

February 1 Sponsored the 2nd Grade In-House Field Trip

February 13-17 Spring Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser

February 21 Ledo Pizza Fundraiser

February 24 Sponsored the Port Discovery Kindergarten Field Trip

February 24 Sponsored the Kindergarten neon green t-shirts and chaperone t-shirts

March 3 Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser

March 14 Pi Day: Teacher & Staff Appreciation

March 16 Arcola Parent Night: Restorative Justice/Student Mindfulness

March 21 Panda Programmer Student Assembly

April 24 Family Yoga Night

April 24 Sponsored the Patrol Picnic 

May 1 Sponsored the 3rd Grade Zoo Field Trip

May 4 Science Fair

May 5 Sponsored the 5th Grade T-Shirts 

May 8-12 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10 Sponsored the 1st Grade In-House Field Trip

May 11 Kusshi Sushi Restaurant Night Fundraiser

May 16 Sponsored the 2nd Grade Field Trip Lunch

May 18 Supported International & Wellness Night

May 25 Sponsored the 4th Grade Tie-Dye T-Shirts

May 25 Sponsored Kindergarten Field Trip to the National Zoo

May 25 Supported Arcola's Community Fair